Thanks and acknowledgements


We have many people to thank for helping us with this adventure.

  • First and foremost, our co-owners of Sundart – Nigel, Phil, Liz, Dave, Rosie and Peter. We could not do this without the huge amount of support they have given us and for letting us take the boat away for a whole summer.
  • Secondly, all the people who have kindly offered lifts (Phil & Maggie Dobby, Di and Nigel Pepperdine).
  • Thirdly all those brave souls who are accompanying us on this trip.
  • Thanks to Tom Latham at Hatfish Design; (who is an expert in media stuff!) for help with this website.
  • Our thanks to all those who sent us photos of our journey, whether as participants or supporters. We have used some of these in our blogs and would like to acknowledge the contributions by Dave Jones, Chris Brown, Jon Salmon, Karen Osland, Chris Mitchell and Katharine Murugessan.
  • Finally, all those who have supported our charity fund raising and especially the support given by Vicky Pudner and Karen Osland at Sudep Action, Melbourne 41 Club and Staunton Harold Sailing Club for making this their Commodore’s charity of the year.




2 thoughts on “Thanks and acknowledgements

  1. Great to see you are at last under way, you will enjoy so much the adventure, but do keep safe, I will track you all the way, looking forward to your stories.

    • Thanks Roger,

      Your charts and pilot books are coming into their own, as is your book. We are in the Milford Haven area for the next few days as there are strong northerly winds forecast until Friday and we had the “washing machine” experience off Lundy and the way up to here.

      Yvonne & John

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